About us

About us.

Our company was formed in 2005 and we are located at Helsinki Finland. We at Internet-Content.Europa SM OY are passionate about providing affordable Open Source programs. We use internet-based programs from Content Management System (Joomla CMS and Wordpress) and e-commerce programs (Virtuemart and WooCommerce) to Customer Relations Management System (vTiger CRM) and Email-programs (Zimbra Webmail, Squirrel mail). We are Internet-Content.net will help you build an affordable, but fancy website.

Team of professionals Internet-Content.net is working hand-in-hand with Graphic designers, internet-security providers and programmers. Our team has experience with Linux and Windows servers, hosting and firewall systems, Joomla CMS program and Wordpress, Virtuemart and WooCommerce eCommerce programs. We also have extensive knowledge of Zimbra Webmail, OwnCloud Filemanagement System, vTiger CRM and other Open Source programs.

Open Source Programs Open Source Programs are programs that can be used without paying expensive lisence fees. We at Internet-Content.net are passionately promoting Open Source Programs and taking part in the futher development of Open Sourcce Programs. By using Free Open Source Programs you can save money in your website development costs!